Initial Findings

By: Kate Warren


Our initial findings regarding the Tom Brady scandal Deflategate and his image repair tactics were puzzling. Brady, a man who has become a household name across America was accused of being associated with the deflation of footballs during the American Football Conference (AFC) Championship game. His accusations resulted in a four game suspension that he fought and repealed.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 12.03.20 AM

Screenshot of Facebook audience response.

Brady’s image repair tactics included defeasibility, denial and bolstering. However, the interesting aspect of his image repair strategy was the lack of mortification or corrective action. During the height of Deflategate’s press conferences, trials and news coverage, Brady denied any association with the act of deflating the balls or with anyone involved with deflating the balls. He however never apologized for the act occurring nor showed any kind of remorse or leadership during the scandal.

Studies have proven how successful the use of mortification as an image repair tactic is. It really begs the question would Brady’s image repair have been more successful if he had admitted guilt or would it have damaged it further.

Brady had a lack of social media during this event. He just recently created an Instagram account. We also are bringing into question his lack of social media in whether that help or hurt his image repair.

Audiences had mixed emotions about the accusations aimed toward Brady. Many did support him and advocated for his innocence while others turned away during his time of trial.


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