Evaluating Our Campaign Success


The main goal for our campaign is to bring attention to the Hidden Treasures by Caritas stores. We have created an event to highlight these stores and the services and items that they offer. The Back To School Bash will feature items that are specific to helping kids return back to school at a very discounted price to help the community and students.

Caritas has a solid media presence already and we hope to only improve that through our campaign. What they need most help on is social media and more specifically their Facebook. We hope to increase their Facebook likes by 10 percent and refine their image which will help their overall social media presence.

Below I have included an image of their Facebook page that we will be working on:

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 11.37.28 AM.png

Facebook Page(s):




We will use Facebook analytics to measure the success of our work on the Facebook page and to gauge our progress throughout.

Another goal of ours is to increase overall media coverage by five percent. We plan to place fliers and other print media in new locations to expand our target market. One of our actions to increase the media presence is to send out stories to existing as well as new media outlets as well as send out news blasts to update the media of the goings-on within the organization.

We hope this campaign is successful in spreading awareness of the Hidden Treasures by Caritas stores as well as aid them in their goal to help end hunger in McLennan County. Our group is excited to continue to aid this organization in their efforts.



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