Goals & Objectives

By Kate Warren


This week I got together with my fellow teammates and we created a list of goals and objectives to aid Caritas and their stores, Hidden Treasures. This photo is the document we created portraying our goals, objectives and tactics:


Our first goal is to increase the overall awareness for the Hidden Treasures by Caritas stores. There has been some confusion linked with the stores since their rebranding so we have set out to not only attract attention to the stores but to help with possible confusion. The objectives of this goal is to create one event that is specific to Hidden Treasures to help promote the stores. We also hope to increase media coverage by 5 percent as well as increase direct communication to supporters of Hidden Treasures by 15 percent. Caritas has a great media presence already as seen in this article here:   http://www.kwtx.com/content/news/Waco–Caritas-opens-new-bigger-thrift-store-397515281.html     and we hope to only improve it.

The tactics to help us achieve our goal are to actually plan and execute the event, pitch updates on the store to the Waco Tribune-Herald, KWTX and KXXV twice a month so that we can keep the media in the loop and increase our social media presence. Our last tactic is to include information on Hidden Treasures specifically in the quarterly Caritas newsletter as well as send out a monthly email blast with information on sales within the store.

Our second goal is to expand Hidden Treasures customer base. The objectives of this goal are to change the perception of Hidden Treasures to reflect new branding, increase store traffic by 20 people per week and increase advertising by 5 percent. To reach this goal our tactics are to promote higher-end merchandise as well as sales specifically through social media platforms and to place print advertisements in new locations based on our target market.

The third goal that we created is to improve social media use. The objectives for this goal are to clear up confusion surrounding the Hidden Treasures Facebook pages because they currently have two running simultaneously for two different locations. The remaining objectives are to increase Facebook page likes by 10 percent and to improve the visual content of the page. To help execute our goal, our tactics are to consolidate their two Facebook pages into one, invite people to like the Hidden Treasures page and link event pages to the Hidden Treasures main page and finally post appealing photo or graphic with each Facebook update.

These goals and objectives that we have created we hope will help Caritas and their new rebranding.



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