First Impressions


My team and I have decided to assist the non-profit organization Caritas with a PR campaign for a potential new event to promote their active thrift stores and minimize confusion.

The shops have adopted the name Hidden Treasures by Caritas. Caritas chose this name to shy away from the stigma that is associated to thrift stores. All of the proceeds from these shops go directly back to Caritas to help fund their other services. Unfortunately confusion has coincided with these stores because of the change of name so this campaign and potential event sets out to wipe out confusion with stores and increase awareness.

Our SWOT analysis that we created for this organization highlight their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Strengths of this organization really set a nice foundation for a potential promotional event. Their strong fundraising network and name recognition within the community help create a strong start to create a PR campaign.


Caritas’ weaknesses other than their several physical locations and their recent rebranding are their inability to meet demand and almost too much of a differentiation of services.  These weaknesses are few and have the potential to transform positively throughout the duration of the campaign.

The opportunities for this organization have the ability to make this campaign very successful and help increase the overall awareness of Caritas. Their proximity to the Baylor community leaves them open to help from young, eager individuals who are looking to give back and volunteer.

Unfortunately, the threats are unable to be controlled. Slump in the economy, crop issues and weather are out of the hands of the organization and therefore are still potential threats no matter how much preparation is put forth to prevent such issues.

Caritas has done a good job of keeping a strong social media presence.

In my opinion I believe that this campaign and proposed event have the potential to make a major change to the awareness of the Hidden Treasures by Caritas shops and make a successful shift into its new name change.


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